Cherishing the Inbetweens

The title of my blog is about the inbetweens. Inbetweens are those moments between the hustle and bustle of life that make life worth living.

I'm talking about when you're running late dropping your kid off at preschool while also trying to get to work on time. You hurriedly drop him off and head towards the door when you hear a familiar voice across the playground saying, "Mom! I love you!" followed with a smile, wave, and blown kiss.

Or rushing through listening to the voicemails you missed while at a work meeting and after several messages a tiny voice that belongs to your baby girl comes on saying hi over and over again.

Or when you've made another late night trip to the store because it's the only free time you've had and you're tired and crabby and thinking of all the things you still have to do before going to bed. All of a sudden you walk out the doors and it is snowing the first snow of the season. You look up into the dark sky and feel all of those beautiful white flakes falling across your cheeks. For that single moment all is right in the world.

Those, my friends, are the inbetweens. Sure, we all love a good birthday party or a school play, but those moments that happen unexpectedly when you've had a stressful day and just want to throw in the towel those are what keeps you going. Cherish those inbetweens.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Christmas 09

My little stinker would not stay on the stool while I was taking his picture, so this is the one and only posed pic I got. I'll post some candid Christmas pics as soon as I get a chance to put them on my computer. I bought a new video camera for myself for Christmas. It's so much easier to use than my old one. Soon I'll add some videos.
Aiden is now talking in sentences more and is just adorable. He has such an expressive face and voice. He is still obsessed with trains. He now knows the names of most of Thomas' friends. :o) At Christmas time instead of singing Jingle Bells he was singing Choo Choo Bells. He surprises me daily with his cuteness. :o)
Bye for now. :o)

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